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What To Look For When Buying An Affiliate Website

Considering how a potential website is setup can be crucially important, as ease of use and modification is highly desirable.

For instance, a website running on WordPress typically adds more value when compared to a website that is running on a clunky or custom website builder.

WordPress is widely used, has ample support, and offers tens of thousands of plugins and templates that can be added with just a few clicks, making WordPress the go to.

If a website you’re considering purchasing does not use WordPress, you may want to reconsider the purchase. If you need to sell the site for whatever reason, it may have less resale value if not using WordPress.

Google Analytics is an online tool, created by Google, that tracks all aspects of a websites’ traffic. If a website does not use Google Analytics (GA), or another similar and trusted tool (Clicky), I would not purchase the site.

Website owners can give potential buyers “read only” access to their GA account, which can be used to verify traffic, find trends, identify top earning pages and see where the bulk of the traffic is coming from.

Use GA to ensure the website you are looking to buy has had steady traffic trends over the years.

It would be unwise to buy a site that has traffic trending down, unless you are an SEO guru and can increase the organic search volume. Personally, I look for sites that have steady traffic, no huge spikes up or down.

Source: RankXL

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