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SEO And Affiliate Marketing: How To Properly Optimize Your Affiliate Site Content

We all know how daunting a wall of text can look, so if you want to make your content appealing you’ll want to break it up with images. 

Not only do images help readers navigate your text more easily, they can also be used to optimize your content through alt tags.

Firstly I should explain that Google and other search engines can’t actually see images. 

They don’t know what images are depicting, so we need to help the search engines to determine what the images are. We can do this by using alt tags.

Alt tags are, in short, a description of the image.

Alt tags also serve the purpose of making your content more accessible to those who are visually impaired. 

Audio descriptors use alt tags to describe what an image is to someone who can’t see it, so bear this in mind when crafting your image alt tags.

As search engines pay attention to alt tags to gain a better understanding of your content, you can use them as another opportunity to use your keywords. 

However, if you want your content to be accessible to all audiences, you need to strike a balance between including your keywords and properly describing an image.

For example, if you’re writing about growing blueberries, you could use an image of a blueberry bush growing in a pot and use the alt tag “image of blueberries growing in a pot”. 

This example has a variation of the keyword “growing blueberries” but would still describe the image to visually impaired visitors.

Source: RankXL

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