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One good thing I have learned over the years in business especially business such as this is that they don’t really go EXTINCT or cast, why??

Because the world is moving steadily and continually on the path of DIGITIZATION, and today its almost a crime for you not to have data on your phone, I mean you might not have so many things but not data.

Information has shifted its base from manual or analog to digital, which means, we are in the age where NOBODY CAN ACTUALLY SURVIVE WITHOUT DATA. Let me put this way again, NO BUSINESS ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD CAN SURVIVE WITHOUT DATA.

In Nigeria with a continuously growing population of over 206.14 million and 111.1 million people as working-class as in 2019, there is and will ever be a continuous demand for data, for individuals and companies alike. This brings up the use of the theory of DEMAND and SUPPLY.

I have been in this business since inception when it was still very young, there was a lot of manual work(if you know you know) and it’s so tiring and there are times the process of buying and selling just frustrating but thank God for Digitization, you don’t have to do any herculean work, don’t get me wrong you still have to do some work (nothing great comes cheap).

All you need to do is – publicize your service, this is where the audience factor comes in. If you already have an audience or target market then it makes it easy for you to sell to them. But if not, you can start with your immediate friends/family/relatives/acquaintances. You’d be surprised how you reach will grow in no time. You can also that my mini-course on Sure Ways to grow your audience and double your income tapping into social media and existing platforms.

One thing I have learned over the years is when a new business/concept/idea arrives, there is always the RUSH, and everybody wants to jump in and do it and take advantages of it, but with time it dwindles, the numbers of people running it goes thin leaving the big players in the game competition with each other. Healthy competition is good for business, it gives you the gray line to jump in and make your own profit from the competition. HOW? You ask, well by bridging the gap and providing the consumers on the ladder with your own mouthwatering offers.


  1. how to sell data bundles of all Networks with only one (1) funded Account.
  2. how to sell data bundles cheaper than the normal price and still make Profit for yourself. 
  3. Instant Account setup, you can begin business almost immediately.
  4. What it takes to set up a mini data/airtime business
  5. Tools you need to start up
  6. And Few Recommendations
passive income

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