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From $0 to $4,000 A Month In Less Than 10 Months

This might be the most important aspect that tends to be overlooked by most SEOs.

Your product is your content; the better the product, the more traffic you’ll have and the better you are going to be able to convert your readers into buying the product which you are recommending them to purchase.

Let me say that again: YOU ARE ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR CONTENT.

With that in mind, it’s time to find the best content writers for your niche.

Here’s how I do it:

Direct outreach

Google the search results relevant to your niche, in this case, sleep-related search. 

See if you can find freelancers/ professional writers that already have authority and are ranking well for the type of topics you would like to rank for. 

See if they have their own sites or LinkedIn profile where you can contact them directly and offer them a writing job.


Upwork is one of the leading platforms online for finding the talent you can work with, from Web developers to Marketing specialists and in this case content writers. 

The only to downside to Upwork, based on my experience, is that most of the content writers we found were looking for part-time income and could only write around one article per week. 

This means that if you’re planning to build a content-heavy website, (100 plus articles in this case), you would have to hire multiple content writers and keep track of them as their availability tends to change from week to week.

*Pro Tip: Hire writers that are native speakers to the Geo you are targeting. If you’re targeting the US market hire American writers. If you are targeting the UK or Australian market, hire content writers native to those regions.

Source: RankXL

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